Sana is for Seniors


Did you know?  Good exercise habits is good for your heart and your mind.   They could reduce heart failure and dementia risks by 50%.  Whatever is your age, it is not too late to start improve your health, today.  How about some dance exercise?

We are building a fun, inspiring and smart digital health platform. Sana ...

  • Makes digital health simple and affordable
  • Tracks you around the clock
  • Plays your favourite music
  • Shows you only what you need
  • Automates where possible
  • Enable friends and family support.

Support your Independence and Peace of Mind

is where you start, inspires you, makes progress, and what you keep coming back for.
gets you going every morning and ready for all the wonders of tomorrow.
Heart Rate
is recorded automatically every 5 minutes to keep an eye on your heart health.
Sana can remind you everything big and small. To help you staying on top of your game.
From 1950s to 1980s.  Just ask.
Resting Heart Rate
is your heart rate during the sleeping hour before you wake up in the morning.  Probably the best indicator of your overall health.
Simplified for Seniors
Sana enables self-monitoring and inspires active habits for better health.
Peace of Mind For Families
Sana promotes active participation and encouragement by the family to loved ones to support their independence. Peace of mind for everyone.
Efficient For Care Givers
Sana system is designed to enable efficient delivery of remote aged care or clinical care.

Sana Service


Sana is a smart health assistant service.  Your healthy exercise habits are only the beginning. We have plenty of digital health services coming soon to keep you healthy.

The service includes ...

  • Devices, accessories, 4G internet, delivery and setup
  • Track your health 24x7 in more ways than a humble fitness tracker
  • 20 days battery life of Mi Band means less down time
  • Remote support apps for  friends, families or carers
  • Coming Soon: Reminder, medication tracking and telehealth features.
  • Coming Soon: Emergency alert and communication features
  • Optional respiratory health monitoring devices and service
  • Optional blood pressure, blood glucose tracking and more.

[ Watch Sana in action ]

Sana services rollout is starting from Sydney and NSW of Australia.  Rolling out to more regions across Australia and around the world.  Self-service Sana apps will come online later in 2021.

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Sana Software Foundation

Sana invites and joins with others in the industry to form a not-for-profit foundation.  The purpose is to:

  • Collaborate in development of an open source system for affordable remote health monitoring and management.
  • Integrate more affordable consumer healthcare sensors to the apps and cloud services.
  • Accelerate big data, AI technologies for proactive fitness and health management.
  • Advocate a global movement to use technologies to deliver more affordable aged care and healthcare.

White Label Solution for Care Providers

    Sana services are available as a white label service for aged care providers and health funds.
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